Content Marketing Weekly Topic: Repurpose Your Content to Extend Your Reach in Your Target Audience

Repurpose your Content into different forms of content Source - original content everyday is difficult, but to help Content Marketers and Digital Marketing Managers, you can repurpose your current/story content into other forms and expand your reach within your target audience.

People consume many different forms of content, but we all have our favorite forms of content.

Below is a table on the form of content I prefer based on the topics.

Topic My Preferred Form of Content
Friend Updates Social Media
“How-To” or “Tips” Article or Blog Post
Deploying a Marketing Process Checklist
New Product/Service White Paper or Webinar
Product or Service Update Social Media or Email for a heads up that leads me to an article or blog post
Marketing Process eBook, webinar, or Infographic of Process

As you can see, I prefer different forms of content depending on the topic.

However, someone else may prefer to see the same topic in another form than me.

Therefore, when you are writing about a single topic, make sure you prepare different forms of content about the same topic.

In other words, you want to repurpose a single topic into different forms of content, which will help extend your reach within your target audience.

This reminds me of an analogy that I learned during a Jason Miller
presentation, and Jason Miller learned about this analogy from Rebecca Lieb.
Different forms of content for the same topic Source -
“I use a Thanksgiving analogy. You cook up this giant bird to serve up on one glorious occasion and then proceed to slice and dice this thing for weeks on end. If you are like most families you are going to be repurposing this bird as leftovers for quite some time creating everything from sandwiches, to soups, and more. Your content marketing strategy can be thought of in the same way.” – Rebecca Lieb

So for every topic you write about, think about how you can produce additional forms of content about a single topic.  For example, if you have an eBook, you can create a webinar, video, and a series of blog posts.

By creating different forms of content a single topic, you are delivering information to your target audience in the form that they want. So, listen to your target audience and find out what forms of content they prefer.

25 Forms of Content at Your Disposal

  1. Blog post or Article
  2. Lists of different blog posts/articles about the same topic
  3. How To Guide
  4. Customer Opinion/Testimonials
  5. Tips
  6. Survey/Quiz
  7. Images
  8. Competitions
  9. Social Media posts – one example is live tweets of a webinar or conference
  10. Interview with thought leaders or guest blog from industry influencer
  11. Google+ Hangout
  12. Whitepaper
  13. Case Studies
  14. Video
  15. Webinar
  16. eBook
  17. Infographic
  18. Checklists/Tip Sheets
  19. Podcasts
  20. Thought Map
  21. Visual Note-Taking
  22. Slideshows
  23. Show Example of what not to do
  24. Create a Timeline
  25. Q&A or FAQ Web Pages

Enjoy creating multiple forms of content about the topics you recently released to maximize your reach in your target audience.

Keep in mind, create forms of content about a single subject that make sense.  For example, it does not make sense to create a podcast for a list of tips, but it does make sense to create a podcast for an eBook.

Call to Action in Repurposing your Content to Extend Your Reach within Your Target Audience

  • Choose a current piece of content (preferably a white paper or eBook)
  • Think about the different forms of content you can create using the same information
  • Create new forms of content with the same information and deliver it to your target audience
  • Check out next week’s content marketing discussion that will describe the different forms of content listed above
  • The next blog post will discuss SEO


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