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Cindy PloughCindy Plough strategizes with management to set objectives for digital marketing programs. Next, I  develop and execute results driven digital marketing and email marketing programs to meet set objectives.

I work with internal web development teams to create high conversion landing
pages, and work with email service providers to automate transactional email marketing programs to increase website repeat visits and user-engagement.

In addition to building and deploying digital marketing programs, I work with teams to create lead management programs to nurture current and potential customer relationships to create loyalty and drive sales via websites or sales teams.  Also, work with customer service teams where customer service members develop the communication skills and the tools they need to fulfill customers’ requests and enhance customers’ experiences with brands.

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Cindy Plough’s Email Marketing Accomplishments

  • Use HTML code to develop email marketing messages
  • When deploying email marketing efforts, personalized email content which resulted in an increased response rate of 25%.  Utilizing the used dynamic content function in an email service provider allows you the capability to personalize email content based on recipients demographic information.
  • Increased email address list by 225% (124K email addresses).  Email address list was for RCR Wireless News magazine, and the list included members who worked at Wireless Carriers and Vendors as well as IT managers at Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Led an email marketing and relationship building effort that increased email newsletter subscription list by 348% (90K new users).

Cindy Plough’s Digital Marketing Accomplishments

  • Developed a process and worked with web development team to implement the process that increased the purchase of paid subscriptions once someone completed a website registration form.
  • Managed and drove new customer acquisition programs to meet e-mail sign-up targets which expanded the website membership by 35% (70K new users)
  • Member of a team that created the Mobile Content & Culture Email Newsletter with the responsibility to obtain 100% opt-in subscription, and grew the email newsletter subscription list to 5,000 subscribers within 9 months.
  • Reduced printing and distribution costs by 30% through the implementation of a digital edition of the newspaper.
  • Developed organic search campaigns through SEO on Google and social media sites for my blog about my travels during 2009 and 2010. During this time, travel websites included the content from my blog on their website.

Cindy Plough’s Direct Marketing Accomplishments

  • Planned, designed, executed, wrote copy, and analyzed all direct mail and email marketing efforts for paid subscriptions that produced revenues of $220,000 with only a $25,000 investment.
  • Leveraged web membership, email newsletter subscription, and lapsed customer reactivation databases to create potential prospects for paid subscriptions for the print newspaper that increased revenue by 15% ($45K).

Previous experience includes working as an Audience Development Manager for the following B2B trade magazines:

Served as an Assistant Audience Development Manager for the following B2B trade publications:

What is an Audience Development Manager?

An Audience Development Manager is responsible for building magazine and website subscription lists where members of the subscription lists consist of specific demographic criteria.  This demographic criteria must meet the demographics of the advertisers target market.  For example, while I was working for RCR Wireless News and Wireless, I was building audiences of upper management, engineering and IT managers at wireless carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

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