Potential Vendors to Assist Digital Marketing Managers Achieve Objectives

To help facilitate the Digital Marketing Manager’s job in creating superior experiences for customers, we hire multiple vendors to conduct multiple marketing functions for us, so we can concentrate on making sure our marketing programs are achieving objectives and increasing revenue.

Last weeks Salesforce.com Dreamforce 13 expo featured hundreds of vendors to assist marketing departments. Below you can learn about my visits with Adroll, DocuSign, Dropbox, ReliableCoders, and Twillo, and how they can assist digital marketing managers achieve objectives.

Two of many digital marketing objectives are to increase revenues for your ecommerce site and to attract potential customers to visit your website.  AdRoll can help Digital Marketing Mangers achieve both of these objectives. Adroll’s retargeting platform displays advertisements on the websites that potential customers visit after they left your site without making a purchase.

Each digital marketing effort has multiple components, and some components require a signature for approval. Providing an actual signature requires, you to print and sign a form, and then, you have to fax the form some where. With DocuSign, Digital Marketing Managers can provide their signature for approvals via desktops or smartphones allowing the launch of digital marketing efforts faster.

Dropbox may not provide a solution that directly assists you in reaching your objectives, but Dropbox allows you to access your files at anytime if you are working from a location other than the office. As the role of the Digital Marketing Manager evolves, we can’t always be at the office. Even though you may not be at the office, you can still access your files via Dropbox and work on your digital marketing efforts anywhere on any device.

Recently, I attended a San Francisco American Marketing Association, sfAMA, event where one of the panelists, Brian Solis, said that companies are creating mobile applications for smartphones to create superior customer experiences because companies mobile websites aren’t sufficient in meeting customers needs. Also, the starting point for many customers product research begins with a search on their smartphones indicating the importance for companies to have  functioning mobile websites or mobile applications. Digital Marketing Managers can hire ReliableCoders to create innovative mobile websites that enhance customer experiences. If your company chooses to go the mobile application route, ReliableCoders can also create mobile applications for your organization.

In our digital world, customers want to connect whenever or wherever. Twillo can assist your organization to provide the access your customers demand.  Twillo enables phone, VoIP, and SMS messaging to be embedded into web, desktops, and mobile software allowing customers to receive the access they want allowing you to provide customers with an excellent experience.

All of the vendors mentioned above can assist Digital Marketing Managers achieve objectives in a variety of ways. I hope you reach out to one or more of these vendors to help you create superior experiences for your customers and reach your objectives.

Tomorrow, I’m traveling to Reno, NV, to be with my family for Thanksgiving.  If time allows, I will write a post tomorrow about more exhibitors at Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce 13, but if I’m not able to make a post tomorrow, please forgive me and visit the Digital Marketing Manager blog again.

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When and What Digital Marketing topics can you Expect from the Digital Marketing Manager Blog

Thank you to everyone who is following my blog, and I look forward to bringing you digital marketing news and tips.  Starting next Monday December 1st, a new editorial schedule will start.  Here is what you can come to expect from Cindy Plough’s Digital Markeing Manager Blog:

Weekday Topic
Monday SEO
Tuesday Email Marketing
Wednesday Social Media
Thursday Content Marketing
Friday Potpourri topics will can vary between Mobile Marketing, Digital Advertising, SEM/PPC, Analytics, and Affiliate Marketing

Until next Monday, my blog posts will include additional Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce 13 exhibitor visits. Each day will cover 4 of my visits.

Domo – Develops easy to use dashboards that contains your data in one single view to facilitate decision making. Domo’s business intelligence platform delivers analytics in real time to help marketers become more efficient and track revenue streams.

Pitcher – As Marketers, we prepare many materials to assist our sales departments.  With Pitcher’s application, we can monitor how often Sales Managers use these marketing materials.  If Sales Managers aren’t using our marketing material, we can work with our sales departments to create marketing materials that will help the sales team generate revenue.

Tenrox – As we move forward in Digital Marketing, the ultimate goal for marketers will be to engage our customers. With Tenrox, we can manage digital marking efforts, monitor expenses, and manage resources to ensure our efforts deploy on time and on budget.

ThousandEyes – We work tirelessly to implement our digital marketing efforts.  Each effort consists of an infrastructure that operates behind the scene to bring our digital marketing efforts to life. No matter how often we test the infrastructure before our efforts go live, you never know when something might go wrong. ThousandEyes comes to the rescue.  When our digital marketing efforts go live, ThousandEyes moniors the infrastructure and indicates if and when a component of the infrastructure is broken.

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A Digital Marketing Managers Takeaways from Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce 13

While the last day of Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce 13 wasn’t as busy as the previous days, I still had to forge my way through some crowds to see the exhibitors that I wanted to visit before the conference came to a close. In an effort to reduce the length of my blog post, today’s post will include my takeaways from Dreamforce 13, one exhibitor highlight, and links to additional information about the conference.

Recap of Dreamforce 13
As a Digital Marketing Manager, the main takeaway from Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce 13 is that there are a plethora of tools and data centers that operate in the cloud to interface with CRM systems giving Digital Marketing Managers the ability to manage and analyze digital marketing efforts. While you can hire a multitude of vendors to create, manage, and provide analytics for digital marketing efforts, it is up to the Digital Marketing Manager to develop objectives, strategize on which tactics can achieve those objectives, and manage all vendor activities are achieving your objectives.  In this digital world, an additional role for the Digital Marketing Manager is to continuously look for ways to extend the organizations brand awareness, increase revenue, and create unique experiences for customers.

Dreamforce 13 Exhibitor Highlight: GoodData
GoodData provides business intelligence dashboards for CRM data to help marketing, sales, and customer service departments.  For the marketing department, GoodData builds dashboards for marketers to gain insights into demand, advertising, social media, SEM/PPC, and eCommerce. With GoodData, you can gather all the data you need to see how your individual digital marketing efforts can help you build stronger agile marketing campaigns. Don’t use Salesforce, no worries, GoodData can work with other CRM systems, but the setup timeframe takes longer than it would with Salesforce.

Additional Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce 13 resources:

Starting Monday, each blogpost will include a Dreamforce 13 exhibitor highlight, some digital marketing tips, and a must read article that might help you in your digital marketing efforts.

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Isolating Results from Inividual Digital Marketing Efforts: Part of a Marketing Managers Perspective on Dreamforce 13 Exhibitors Contributions to Marketing Departments

Between SEO, social media, blogs, online advertising, websites, lead nurturing, and many other digital marketing tactics, the reach of these tactics crossover making it difficult to pinpoint the origination of each website sale to calculate return on investment, ROI. To discover how to simplify the process of calculating ROI, I learned that with the help of cloud technology, Saleforce.com, and it’s many plugins, you can retrieve better analytics to calculate conversions and ROI.

Welcome back to the Marketing Mangers blog to find out other companies that I met with on Day 1 of Saleforce.com’s Dreamforce 13.  Today’s post includes information from more exhibitors that I visited on Monday, November 18th.

Before we continue, I want to mention that the companies mentioned in today’s post have applications and solutions that plugin into Salesforce.com, a CRM software.  However, if you don’t use Salesforce.com, you may still benefit from the solutions mentioned below because they can interact with CRM systems in addition to Salesforce.

Below, I discuss my visits to the following exhibitors’ boohs: Jitterbit, Scribe Software, Vocus, and ifbyphone.

Jitterbit utilizes cloud technology which makes obtaining data from the multitude of access points from your digital marketing efforts to your websites seamless. They provide fast agile solutions that puts you in control of your data. Not only can you isolate results of individual efforts, Jitterbit allows you to capture tons of data to help you understand what drives consumer purchases by integrating with your website, social media, and your CRM tools.

Scribe Software collects data from multiple applications across multiple devices that display your digital marketing campaigns. An additional capability of Scribe includes isolating the IP addresses of your website’s visitors. By capturing your visitors’ IP address, you can understand the physical locations of your visitors, and this allows you to capture additional demographic information like economic data.

Through the course of your day, you are executing multiple campaign efforts that utilize SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing, and other digital marketing strategies to drive sales on your website. All of these strategies generate data and analytics for each individual digital marketing effort that you deploy. When you go to calculate ROI for each effort, you have access to lots of numbers making it difficult to sift through all the numbers to determine the number of sales per effort. To reduce the amount of time sifting through data, you can plugin Vocus into Salesforce to drilldown and pinpoint which effort brought a customer into your website for a purchase making the ROI calculation easier.

The purpose of your marketing efforts might be to generate leads in Salesforce for your company’s sales department. Potential leads come from your SEO, SEM, social media, print advertising, online advertising, email marketing, direct marketing, or affiliate marketing strategies. By using the ifbyphone plugin to Salesforce, you can pinpoint which marketing tactic generated each lead. Therefore, ifbyphone gives you the capability to determine which of your marketing strategies produces the highest number of leads, and it allows you to calculate your acquisition cost per lead.

As marketers expand the number of digital marketing strategies they use to deploy marketing efforts, the companies mentioned above can help you simplify calculating ROI and analyzing the effectiveness of each marketing effort.

For additional information or updates from Day 2 at Dreamforce 13 you go straight to Dreamforce 13’s website.  If you desire information from another source, you can check out Marketo’s Blog.

Tomorrow, I’ll be going back to the Expo to talk to other exhibitors.  Come back on Friday to find out what I discover.

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