Email Marketing Tuesday: Easy Way to Get Email Subject Lines Plus Tips in Writing Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines are the key deciding factor people take in opening emails that a digital marketing manager should take seriously -Source:

Image Source: Digital Marketer

The email subject line plays a large part if your email gets opened, so taking the time and effort to create intriguing subject lines is worth your time. The first thing your audience sees when you send them an email is the subject line, so discover what makes your audience open your email.

For me, writing the email subject line is the hardest part of the email marketing process, and crafting the email subject line is usually the last thing I do before deploying an email marketing effort. After writing the copy, a email subject line comes to mind. According to Mequoda, you can just steal someone else’s email subject line. As a Digital Marketing Manager, I receive many professional and promotional emails every day, and I may consider Mequoda’s suggestion one day.

Currently, when I receive a cleaver email, I file it away in my “Good Copy” folder as a reminder for something that I may want to test. Now, I will create a new folder called “Good Email Subject Lines” to file away emails with subject lines that might be worth testing. In the meantime, let’s talk about some tips to help you and me write compelling email subject lines that increase email open rates.

Tips to Help You Write Email Subject Lines:

  1. Offer a quick and easy way to do something
  2. Talk about the reader’s self-interest – something that is a benefit
  3. Give the reader some good news
  4. Arouse curiosity, preferably related to tips 1, ,2, or all of the above

Since email subject lines play a large factor in your email marketing messages getting opened, you, a Digital Marketing Manager, should take the necessary time to craft the appropriate email subject line that your audience will open. You may get inspiration for your email subject lines from your inbox, or use the tips above to craft a clever email subject line that will make your audience open your email. Whatever you decide, always test your subject lines to maximize your open rates.